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"We are thrilled to announce that our company has been selected to appear on the Indian version of the popular entrepreneurial show, Shark Tank. This is a huge opportunity for us to showcase our innovative product and pitch it to some of the most successful investors in the country. Being on Shark Tank India will not only give us a platform to reach a wider audience, but also a chance to receive valuable feedback and potentially secure funding to help grow our business. We are confident in our product and excited to take this next step in our entrepreneurial journey. The experience on Shark Tank India will be an unforgettable one and we can't wait to see what the future holds."

Mahantam glass washer

founder of Mahantam Pvt Ltd, Mechanical engineer with a passion for inventing products that positively impact society and the environment. With a background in various technical projects and a desire to make a difference.


Jayesh, the co-founder of Mahantam, has a background in commerce. Driven by a passion to provide solutions that address larger societal problems, has a vision to build a long-lasting and successful company.

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mahantam glass washer

Dhaval Nai


mahantam glass washer

Jayesh Nai

CO- Founder

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